Relocate to Cyprus

After many years of holidays and business relations with Cyprus in 2006 Paul Hann (Managing Director of SLV) decided after careful consideration to permanently re-locate his family to Cyprus. Since this time we have assisted more than 40 families re-locate to Cyprus many of which are now very close family friends.

The journey to Cyprus, like a move to any country is riddled with potential problems and simple things you wish there was someone to advise you of...So ...SLV have now collated a step by step guide in making the move to Cyprus a seamless and enjoyable experience.


1. Book a viewing trip to Cyprus (normally 3 to 4 days) this will allow sufficient time for us to show you around the island and give you an idea of the types of properties in the various locations that are available to your requirements & needs.

2. We will discuss your requirements and unique situation to determine the best location for you to reside. This may include such factors as schools, health care, employment, activities, hobbies and more.

3. Find your ideal property, within your budget, in the best location for your needs.

4. Legal advice - we then suggest a choice of independent lawyers to use for the purchase of your property.

5. In circumstances where finance is required we can assist with options both in the UK or Cyprus.

6. After the property is secured and you return to the UK, we will ensure regular checks at the property until your return to Cyprus.

7. Depending on your purchase, if off plan, SLV will provide you with regular updates and pictures throughout the stages of the build.

8. Exchange Rates when transferring funds from the UK to Cyprus - we have a reputable exchange organization who offer very competitive rates.

9. We also have a English Qualified Chartered Accountant on board who can assist with opening of new LTD Companies in Cyprus, Pension assistance, Financial planning and more.

10. Other areas of our expertise are: Help with shipping personal effects, cars, pets, schooling in Cyprus, application to become Resident of Cyprus VAT claims on properties opening of bank accounts.

11. Any further requirements for the house such as: air conditioning, white goods, blinds, electrical, furniture, swimming pools, as well as interior designers - please ask further details.